At Ace Drilling Services Ltd we take extra care to provide our clients with a highly professional service, something that is at the core of our values. Below is an example of some of feedback we have received from clients in regard to previously completed jobs:

I have used the services of ACE Drilling for over four years. In this time they have worked on a number of contracts with the range of services provided to TerraConsult by ACE Drilling being illustrated by the following two contracts:

  • Corus, Scunthorp – Yarborough and New Crosby – Investigations for new landfills. This included a combination of drilling and testing techniques including:
    • 3⁄4 Open hole drilling in S-size to depths of up to 85 m to install 90mm ID wells;
    • 3⁄4 Open hole drilling in P-size to depths of up to 55m to install 51 mm ID wells;
    • 3⁄4 P-size Coring of weak mudstone and ironstone;
    • 3⁄4 Packer permeability testing;
    • 3⁄4 Open hole drilling using Odex proprietary drill and case system to install monitoring wells in waste steelworks slag.
  • Wigan – ten open holes to investigate the presence of shallow mine workings including SPT tests and installation of gas monitoring wells. Proved both open cast workings and shallow pillar and stall workings.

I have over twenty years experience of site investigation in the UK and believe that Stuart Smallwood and ACE Drilling are one of the best site investigation rotary crews in the UK in terms experience, quality of work and health and safety awareness.

With relation to open hole drilling in Coal Measures, ACE Drilling’s logs are better than any other driller I have come across during my career with a high level of detail.

Should you wish to discuss any matters in further detail, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.

Chris Eccles, Director, TerraConsult Ltd

Good afternoon Stuart

Over the last 2 days I have observed and assessed 2 of ACES 2nd men

During this period on site with ACE Drilling I observed these guys doing an excellent 2nd man’s role

The work areas where protected by harres fencing and kept clean and tidy at all times throughout the day’s work Track mating was laid down to protect the work areas, Non slip mats down round the work areas round the bore holes Extra spill mats placed underneath the rotary rig, and all ancillary equipment just in case of diesel/oil spills. All tools and equipment cleaned and checked daily and replaced if needed without hesitation

Overall looking at each location/site set up I visited I was impressed with the standards set by ACE drilling on health & safety, cleanliness, standard of equipment used on site and maintained thoroughly.
In my opinion this sort of dedication set by ACE drilling staff when on site must make them a market leader in Rotary drilling . I would be more than happy to recommend your services elsewhere, please pass our details on if anyone wants to contact us for a reference etc.

Kind Regards
Glen Riley
Operations Director

Glen Riley, Operations Director,

After many years of working together the drilling company we had used ceased to trade. As a company we were concerned a suitable replacement would be difficult to source that had the necessary experience within the quarrying industry.

Fortunately we were introduced to Ace Drilling Services whom we have now been working with for several years. We find the drilling teams to be professional and friendly, they are knowledgeable and conscientious in their roles and it is reassuring to know they will deliver on time and within budget.

I would not hesitate to recommend Stuart and his team to anyone looking to work with a reliable drilling team.

Shaun D Berry
General Manager
Johnsons Wellfield Quarries Ltd

Shaun D Berry, General Manager, Johnsons Wellfield Quarries Ltd

As a company we pride ourselves in ensuring our company is certified to the highest degree and that our workforce is specifically trained and qualified. This is to ensure the correct Health & Safety procedures are followed at all times and also to ensure a high-quality end product is attained by our clients.

Below is a list of said certifications and qualifications: