Shaun D Berry

After many years of working together the drilling company we had used ceased to trade. As a company we were concerned a suitable replacement would be difficult to source that had the necessary experience within the quarrying industry.

Fortunately we were introduced to Ace Drilling Services whom we have now been working with for several years. We find the drilling teams to be professional and friendly, they are knowledgeable and conscientious in their roles and it is reassuring to know they will deliver on time and within budget.

I would not hesitate to recommend Stuart and his team to anyone looking to work with a reliable drilling team.

Shaun D Berry
General Manager
Johnsons Wellfield Quarries Ltd

Shaun D Berry, General Manager Johnsons Wellfield Quarries Ltd

As a company we pride ourselves in ensuring our company is certified to the highest degree and that our workforce is specifically trained and qualified. This is to ensure the correct Health & Safety procedures are followed at all times and also to ensure a high-quality end product is attained by our clients.

Below is a list of said certifications and qualifications: